Tufting & Safety

Tufting & Safety

I see videos of other rug makers and fiber artists tufting pieces and/or shaving their finished projects without the proper safety equipment. I get it! People don't want to wear helmets or knee pads when they skate because they don't think they look as cute or cool without it. But, I mean... I think I look cuter and cooler keeping myself healthy and protected. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

When working with yarn (especially acrylic yarn), we have to take the proper precautions:

1. Wear a mask! 😷 When you're tufting or shaving a rug or wall art, there are tiny fibers being sent into the air. We can easily see the strings of yarn or balls of fabric, but those itty bitty strands of yarn in the air.... they contain microplastics. We should not be breathing those in on a consistent or excessive basis! If you notice you have any breathing problems or random bouts of coughing, start wearing a sturdy mask while you work and you'll notice the issue improve over time. The long-term affects to your lungs 🫁 is not cute!

2. Safety glasses! πŸ‘“ Protect your eyes from being exposed for too long. Some people have reported seeing little "fuzzies" when they close/open their eyes. I already wear glasses because 20/20 vision wasn't in the cards for me.... but I also wear my safety glasses on top.

Protect yourself and spread the word!
[Pro-tip: the mask I'm wearing in this picture is the same mask I use when I'm working with epoxy/resin because it gives off an odorless toxin that can lead to cancer and other health problems (before it is cured).]
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